Monday, March 30, 2009


Ever since I have started this workshop, I am feeling more and more inspired and excited about what I am doing and what I want to do in the future in regards to filmmaking. 

Our assignment for the workshop is to create a 5 minute video piece that communicates the idea of "Border" whether it be used as literal as we want, metaphorical, symbolically or  psychological. I tend to really love these assignments. It has a constraint but still leaves you to choose a story that is unequally about you or about what you want to communicate. 

My piece is called "Dear Father" The context will be about the borders between father/daughter relationships. I will not reveal anymore details about it till its showed April 3rd at the Lang Theater. I will be heading out to shoot it in an hour. Tristan (one of the other students in the workshop) will be collaborating with me as a DP, and another student/teacher assistant to Prof. Andrew Lund who will be shooting the making of! I love the making, the creative process, and the actual production of any creation more then the final product. 

I am so excited and have even posted an event on facebook inviting all my fellow artist friends and filmmakers. I am also so excited and looking forward to seeing what all the other students have created. 

Shirin Neshat and Shoja Azari are very inspiring and I enjoy the group discussions we have at the workshop. Shirin has a very humble quiet expression when talking about her experience and expressing her brilliant ideas. Shoja has a very funny sense of humor, he makes the whole class burst in laughs. I think its also very generous that they provide the workshop with a catering for lunch (very sweet!!) 

Aside from the workshop, they have invited all of the students to an outer event, where Shoj'a son was performing in a band doing the vocals and occasionally playing the electric guitar. I went with three of my friends, and we all enjoyed and loved the contemporary fusion of instruments which combined an electric guitar, accordion, harmonica,  the big acrostic classical base, and a trumpet. It was amazing. I got to meet Shirin's editor Sam, for her film Zarin, and a few lovely people in the industry. It was a great night! 

Looking forward to the next meeting...
Till then

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